Beffroi de Lille

Posted on Saturday, January 29, 2022 by Seb
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With its 104 height meters, the Beffroi de Lille is the highest civilian beffroi in Europe, and also the highest municipal building in France. It was inaugurated on 1932, to replace its predecessor that was destroy during World War I. Its construction was made with red bricks and “sculpted stone like” concrete, making its architecture very integrated with the Flamand and Art Déco style. Unless the Beffroi above the Chambre du Commerce of Lille, this one does not have any bell.

The Beffroi can be visited all the year and allow the visitor to admire the city from a very high perspective. When the sky is clear, we can see some Belgian cities and the terrils in the Pas-de-Calais region. The best seasons are Spring and Automn because the light is very contrasted.

City Panorama !

Thanks to its height, the Beffroi is a great place to take a panorama shot of the city.

On the middle left, we can see the Beffroi of the Chambre du Commerce. It is smaller and possesses bells. It is also a little more older of a couple of years ago.
A very nice view on the Palais des Beaux Arts rooftops.
In the middle we can see Le Zenith de Lille, a concert and exposition center.
Back in the interior of the Beffroir. For each stair, the altitude is indicated.
The floor indicates the direction and the distance with various major cities.

The Beffroi de Lille has been one of the first Television transmitter in the region. The “Télé-Lille” channel was installed in this place during 1950 for seven years, after what it became the public service channel France 3 that moved to its current building.

One of the notable events diffused by the antennas installed above the Beffroi was Queen Elizabeth II crowning ceremony in 1953.

Today, the top of the Beffroi remains a new place for various radio communication systems, including mobile network.

The current clock, fully motorized.
The previous mechanic one, still functional.