Amsterdam by night

Posted on Friday, September 1, 2023 by Seb
Album Amsterdam Tourism Night

During my visit of Amsterdam, I’ve booked the latest canal tour I could. This one was the best possible : opened boat, only 4 people including the guide an me, perfect to take some shots of this city. I was hoping the city to be beautiful by night and I wasn’t wrong.

Note : most of the photos were made with the highest possible sensitivity my camera is able to because of the dark, so some shots still have a lot of noise despite the post treatment. Please excuse the poor quality of some of them.

This ship is a replica of a Dutch East Indiaman ship named Amsterdam that got wrecked in 1749 during its first voyage to Asia in a storm off the English coast. It is a part of the Amsterdam National Maritime Museum exhibition, you can visit it in the museum.
One bonus for this night : a blood moon !
The Grand Hotel AmrΓ’th Amsterdam has a kind of Bruce Wayne manor look by night.