14 Juillet 2023 - Lille

Posted on Saturday, July 29, 2023 by Seb
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This year has been pretty anonying for 14th July (French’s National Day) fireworks. It was difficult to have good informations about where the fireworks in the cities around Lille would be launched and at what time. Maybe they only communicated it on social medias I don’t use despite having a local journal that tried to agregate the information.

At first, I’ve did a session the previous day (because the fireworks are shot on 13th July by some cities) in another city and since I’ve had no idea where would be the firing spot and the city lights not shut down. Some good shots could be saved but globally it was garbage. Well, it would have its place here according to the name of this blog, isn’t it ? But I prefered not.

The next day, at Lille, the conditions were better aside the fact the firing spot was slighly different than the previous year. That’s why there is a light pole in most of the framing. Despite a cloudy day that wasn’t too bad, the sad part was that they shot it too early in my opinion, 22h30, the sky wasn’t dark enough.

Anyway, I’ll stop complaining and let you see the photos that were made. This year, I’ve also tried to shoot in burst mode instead in long exposure, the last photos are the result of this try.

This is the moment when I’ve witched to burst mode. A lot of shot died in the post-processing step, may their pixels rest in pieces.

Shooting in burst mode provide a quite different scenery because instead of keeping the light rays, the shot is more instant and we can admire the “pop” explosion of the fireworks at this very moment. The biggest challenge was to clean the noise because of the high ISO required to take this shot. This one is not especially high, but you’ll the in the last batch some photos were made using the higher sensitity my camera is capable of.

Thanks to Darktable, the cleaning was pretty good and easy.

Starting with the colors differencies, the green and the red particles are creating a quite special scenery. A kind of magic and fantasy.
And the last big shot, one of the part of the “bouquet final” I was able to take, and I’m happy that this first attempt to shoot in burst mode provided these results.